Outside Auctions Terms and Conditions

1.REGISTRATION: Bidding will be by Buyer's number only. All prospective purchasers must register with the auctioneers at the premises on or on the morning of the sale providing name, address and providing proof of identity.


2.CONDITIONS OF SALE: The highest approved bidder shall be the purchaser. No bidding to be retracted. Each purchaser shall give up his (or her) name and address when asked for. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders, the lot in dispute shall be put up again and resold; and the Auctioneers reserve to themselves the right of refusing any person's bid, and shall be the sole Arbitrators on any matter is dispute during the sale. The vendor also reserves the right to bid by his agent.


3.The full purchase money for each lot shall be paid for at the fall of the hammer (if required) or directly after the close of sale. Each and every lot shall immediately on the fall of the hammer be considered as delivered, and shall remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the respective purchaser or purchasers thereof, and shall be removed from the place of sale at the purchaser's expense, and taken with all faults and errors of description, the Auctioneers not being answerable for the authenticity, genuineness, or completeness of any lot. All stock are sold without any warranty, expressed or implied, or guaranteed whatsoever. In cases where weights, measurements or quantities are given, they are such as were arrived at in making up lots for sale, and are believed to be, and are taken as correct, whether more or less; and the Auctioneers, acting as agents only will not be hold themselves liable for the withdrawal of any lot or lots from the sale.


4.No lot or lots shall be removed from the premises on which the sale is held till paid for, nor without a delivery order or pass. The Contract of Sale is to be deemed in all cases as made exclusively with the Auctioneers and not with the owner of the goods and payment is to be made to them or their clerk only. Credit will not be given, and persons unknown to the Auctioneers, who desire to pay by cheque must bring a Banker's reference or have made special arrangements with the Auctioneers at least 7 days prior to the sale date. If any person purchases more than one lot is shall be deemed one entire purchaser, and no lot or portion of a lot can be delivered to any purchaser before the purchase money be paid for all the lots. No lots will be transferred.


5.If any purchaser fails to comply with the above Conditions, or any of them, the Auctioneers shall be at liberty wither to recover in full the amount of the lot or lots, bought by such purchaser, without reference to any delivery of the lot or lots, other than the first delivery by the fall of the hammer; or to resell any lot or lots bought by such Purchaser either by public or private sale, and the full amount of the purchaser money at the present sale, or the deficiency (if any) arising from such second sale together with all expenses, costs and charges attendant thereon shall be made good by the defaulter at the present sale and be recoverable as and for liquidated damages.


6.Neither the vendors nor the Auctioneers will be held responsible for any injury, damage or accident caused to persons or their property whilst at the property. This is private property and persons enter the premises a their own risk.


7.Health and Safety at Work Act 1974: The goods are sold as articles for use at work; they are sold on the understanding that the vendor does not represent them as being in a condition which makes them suitable for use at work. The purchaser is reminded that if, nevertheless any of the goods or articles purchased are intended by him to be supplied in due course for use at work, the purchaser shall, before so supplying them for such use, take such steps as are necessary to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that such goods or articles will be safe and without risks to health when properly used and should carry out or arrange the carrying out of such testing and examination as may be necessary to enable him to carry out the obligations required by the Health and Safety Act 1974.


8.MONEY LAUNDERING REGULATIONS: In order to comply with current anti-money laundering legislation we are unable to accept cash payments over £8,000. Any purchaser wishing to pay cash for any purchase over £1,000 may be asked for identification, e.g. Passport or photo driving licence.